Avoid Medicare mistakes – The Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Open Enrollment avoid Medicare mistakes: The most common Medicare mistake is opening your Part D plan to open enrollment without knowing what the maximum out of pocket expenses would be for you. Opening Medicare Part D to open enrollment runs from September 15 to October 7 each year, so it is a great time to go through your choices and review any options you have. It is also important to keep in mind that the open enrollment date for Medicare Parts A and B are usually the same. If this is the case, make sure you do not end up paying more than what you expected.

Learn how to avoid Medicare mistakes!

Medicare Part D does not pay for some of the medications you will need, so you may want to talk with your doctor about it. Some of these may require a prescription and others you may find at a pharmacy or discount health club that will help pay the costs.

Keep in mind that many times the Medicare Part D discount will cover certain types of medications, but not all. There are some exceptions to this rule, so you might want to talk to your pharmacist or visit your doctor first before deciding if this is a good option for you.