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There are many places where patients can go for information about the urology department Singapore | These medical professionals can give clients a list of clinics where the procedure can be performed. A urologist Singapore specialist will perform catheterizations. This is the initial test performed before performing other procedures. A urologist has to carefully observe a catheterized patient before performing the procedure.

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A urologist Singapore specialist can perform a procedure called a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Prognosis Evaluation. This is the process of evaluating how patients who are at risk for the pelvic inflammatory disease are doing. Some of the patients who are at risk for PID are those who have been pregnant, have sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, abnormal genital papillomatosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and poor immune systems.

Other patients are those who have been diagnosed with Lupus, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. At this stage, a patient may have to take blood thinners or have chemotherapy.

A Urologist can also perform a procedure called Endoscopic Urology Procedure (EUP). This procedure is commonly used to treat people who have problems with having a tube to the anus. It is done by inserting an endoscope in the rectum, where the endoscope has a camera on it that the doctor can use to view the rectum.