Door Installation Cost in Australia

A door can be an important element of a building. Many people spend a lot of money in buying doors for their homes, offices and even public areas. While this is reasonable, one should also remember that the finishing is also equally important when it comes to installation costs.

How Much Does Door Installation Cost? Cost Factors to Consider

If you do not want your door to make your house look anything less than perfect, then you need to hire a professional who has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of projects and materials related to doors.

Hiring professionals for such tasks will cost more; however, they are worth every cent you pay them. Moreover, several factors determine the price of the job such as:

  • The size and type (hinges, locks, etc.,) of the door
  • The material used in the door
  • Services that you want to include in your packages, such as installation and other things.

Note that a general estimation should not be taken as a final price. For example, a carpet might seem pretty simple to install, but it could turn out to be very difficult for some people. Even if you have installed carpets once or twice before, there is no guarantee that you will be able to do it again with perfection. This is exactly why many prefer hiring professionals even though they can manage without them.

It would also help if you hire an expert who has been working on doors for a long time and knows all kinds of designs and materials available in the market.

It is better to note that installation cost varies from door to door depending on several factors. A glass, wooden or metal door will have different installation costs as all three types of doors are not the same. However, this should not be taken as a rule as even two similar doors might require different prices depending upon their size and design type.

In other words, do not expect an exact price so you can either ask for a range or just keep aside some extra money just in case your door turns out to be much more costly than expected!

Believe it or Not: Door Installation Cost in Australia is very Affordable Today

It is great news for homeowners that they no longer need to break the bank to make their doors look as good as new. They can save a lot of money by hiring professionals and getting work done at an affordable price. As mentioned above, even two doors will not have similar installation costs. This is the reason why many prefer getting quotes from different experts before hiring anyone for this job.

One of the most common things people do when they move into a new home is to replace all their old doors and hinges with something that looks better. It can be hard to budget for this since the costs can add up. Different types of doors require different installation methods, and many factors can affect your total cost. 

Here’s some useful advice on how you should go about estimating your door installation cost:

Type of Door

The first thing you need to know is what type of door you want to install so you’ll have an idea of ​​how much it will cost to hire someone or if you feel like doing it yourself. If the door has windows, soffits or an overhang, these also affect installation time and cost.

You should also be aware that some doors are more difficult to install than others, so your total cost may vary depending on the type of door you have selected.

Price Quotes

The second step is to get price quotes from different companies or hire an installer yourself. You can find online listings at home improvement websites where you can get free quotes for installation fees and services, which you can then compare if you want even more information about prices. 

Do not put off this decision too long because the longer it takes to do it, the higher your chances of incurring additional costs due to weather changes or having to change numbers at short notice.


Be sure that before doing anything you measure and mark all measurements including height and width as well as height and width of door or gate. You should also measure the distance between hinge pins to be sure that the size of the door is correct.

If you want to customize your new doors, consider adding windows, hardware, frames or anything else that can give it a unique look.

You must make sure that the hinges are securely fixed on the frame before installing the door itself. Then you can mount it using screws (only if they come with your package), nails, anchors or adhesive strips depending on what type of door you bought. These elements play an important role in how safe and durable your door installation will ultimately be.

To finish up, you’ll need to choose weatherstripping for around all sides of your new door (top, bottom, left and right). This is what will help you maintain the temperature inside your home so it doesn’t go up or down too much.