Elder Shield Vs Careshield Life of Information About the Product

Careshield Life vs Eldershield

The premise behind the company is that their top management has personally tried both of their products and they were able to do a significant amount of testing on their effectiveness. Their senior life protection plan is designed for seniors over the age of 60 years old that have some sort of chronic medical condition. Careshield Life provides the consumers with a cash value account where they can save money that is automatically deducted monthly.

Careshield Life vs ElderShield

As far as the senior protection itself, it has two different plans that they sell which are both managed by the Intuit Products. The first plan is called Silver Star plus and the other is called Gold Star plus. Both of these have a similar level of protection but their differences lie in the savings and benefits that the consumer will receive. One of the greatest features that both of these have is that once the consumer has purchased a year’s worth of protection, they automatically get an increase in their cash value account each month so that they have additional protection.

So in the end, both of these are great products. The difference in the two is that Careshield offers more health benefits while Elder Shield focuses mainly on cash value. Either way, both of these are wonderful options for seniors who need additional senior insurance. Both of them are very reliable, so you don’t need to worry about them losing money. Make sure that you decide which one you want to go with depending on what you prefer.