Experience Superior Dolphin S 200 Series Cleaning With the Dolphin S 200 Robot

Experienced professionals in pool maintenance take advantage of the Dolphin S 200 series to ensure your swimming pool remains clean and well maintained. With an easy hose hook-in design, the Dolphin S200 is perfect for easy installation at home or on-site by professional technicians. The Dolphin S 200 features two different methods of filtering, giving you the ability to keep both your swimming pool and filter system clean and working optimally.

With the S 200, experience superior pool cleaning performance with the Dolphin S 200 robot. With its super-lightweight and powerful water release and dual-action brush, Maytronics dolphins 200 is super-simple to use. Choose between a dual filtration system to trap coarse debris or finer dirt. And the dual-action power brushes and PowerStream mobility system to ensure efficient pool cleaning, with thorough scrubbing on both surfaces, floors, walls, and the waterline.

In addition to the above mentioned two features, the Dolphin S200 series also includes a self-cleaning sensor and a dual-function power supply with built-in rechargeable NiCD batteries. With this robot, you can clean your pool without having to constantly monitor it yourself. The Self-cleaning Sensor works with a pressure sensor built into the brush’s bristles to automatically initiate the cleaning process when it senses that dirt has been detected on the surface of the pool water. On the other hand, the rechargeable NiCd batteries allow the power supply to be used over multiple Dolphin S200 robot runs.