Protect Your Livestock With Cattle Head Bail

Cattle head bail has been a popular product among farmers and ranchers for years. Cattle head bail consists of plastic that is molded around the head of your cattle or other livestock and is designed to protect the face from injury during rough handling. The idea behind this product is to create an additional barrier between you and your livestock, particularly when they are exposed to rough terrain or are being walked through a field. While this seems like a very simple idea, it is an incredibly useful product for a variety of reasons, ranging from aesthetics to the protection of animals from animals that may harm them.

Cattle Head Bail – Easy to apply the quick-fix product

Cattle head bail is an inexpensive and easy to apply the quick-fix product to give livestock a protective barrier to protect their faces from injury. It’s most beneficial when used during the dark when livestock is more likely to be susceptible to injury due to facial trauma. Cattle that are exposed to nighttime environments are more likely to become injured than cattle that are raised under a more natural environment.

Cattle are also prone to becoming injured because they have a tendency to wander out into fields while they are grazing. A bull that is walking through a field that’s not well maintained is more likely to slip on a loose stone or patchy dirt patch and trip over.